Netlify releases 2023 state of web development report

In this report, The 2023 State of Web Development, Netlify unpacks cutting-edge trends that are shaping the world of modern web development.

This modern web renaissance impacts more than developers. It includes marketers, product managers, IT professionals, and executives weighing in and sharing their voices on how entire organizations are involved in aligning their tech stacks with key business objectives and long-term strategies.

Fueled by data from their community survey with over 6,500 participants from around the globe, Netlify shares insights on hot topics like emerging technologies and trending tools that developers love. In this report, the following is covered:

  • Why composable architecture is more than an architectural framework–it’s a business state of mind
  • How the widespread adoption of generative AI will make it harder for monolithic tech stacks to keep up
  • Who the top trending web framework is in both usage and satisfaction

Download the report for free here.

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