S1 | 1: Public art and the future of work with Angela Anderson Adams, Arlington Economic Development

Welcome to a special episode of the show brought to you in partnership with Arlington Economic Development, where we discuss issues related to the workforce, the role of place in the future of work, and the role of the creative sector in a larger business context. We call this Inspiration + Location

Today we’re going to talk about the role of public art in place and its relationship to the people who live and work in a place like Arlington County, Virginia.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Angela Anderson Adams, Director Arlington Public Art at Arlington Economic Development.

About Angela Anderson Adams

Angela Anderson Adams has worked as a curator and arts administrator for nearly forty years, half of those directing Arlington Public Art. Under her leadership, the program has grown from one of the first developer-sponsored public art programs in the country to an internationally renowned, award-winning public and privately funded program. Arlington Public Art contributes art and design enhancements to most major civic projects undertaken in the County.


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Inspiration + Location podcast

Angela Anderson Adams, Director, Arlington Public Art at Arlington Economic Development

Angela Anderson Adams, Director, Arlington Public Art at Arlington Economic Development

Inspiration + Location podcast

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