S1 | 10: Thriving among change with Steve Blum, Autodesk

Today we’re going to talk about building a change maker culture and how you can help your teams to thrive among change, instead of being disrupted by it.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Steve Blum, Chief Operating Officer of Autodesk.

About Steve Blum

As Autodesk’s Chief Operating Officer, Steve oversees the teams responsible for sales, marketing, customer success, digital platforms, and customer experience. Together, these teams create and provide high-impact experiences for customers. Their aim is to help people achieve their business outcomes using design and make technologies.

Steve believes in having an “expect to win” attitude. It’s a mindset built around confidence, determination, focus and perseverance. Steve guides his teams to have a vision of the customer’s success, a game plan to achieve it, and the drive to make it happen. He also believes no one accomplishes great things by working alone. It takes a great team. He has experienced this firsthand in his 30-year career in technology. Since joining Autodesk in 2003, Steve has led the field organization through the company’s business model transition, introduced Named Account programs worldwide, implemented a new partner channel framework, and established the company’s first Customer Success organization. Prior to Autodesk, Steve held leadership positions with Parago, Inc, Mentor Graphics, Advanced Micro Devices and NCR Corporation. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Florida, and he started his professional life as an engineer. He earned a patent for developing a testing technique to evaluate undershoot and overshoot resistances in programmable logic devices.

Steve is usually on the road more than in his office and home in Texas. But he always makes time for family, even if it means getting on another plane with his wife to see his kids. His two adult children have started their careers and now seek out dad for advice. Steve loves hearing about their experiences, getting their insights as young professionals, and seeing them learn and grow.


Steve Blum, Chief Operating Officer, Autodesk