S1 | 12: Building a culture of experiementation, with Kirsty Dawe, Webeo

Today we’re going to talk about building a culture of experimentation and how it can benefit B2B brands.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Kirsty Dawe, CEO at Webeo.

About Kirsty Dawe

Kirsty Dawe is the CEO of Webeo, B2B website personalisation software that delivers a proven solution to the website conversion problem in B2B. Webeo’s software helps B2B organisations increase website leads by delivering a highly relevant, personalized experience to the B2B buyer as soon as they hit the website and tailoring that journey as they move through the funnel. They have dedicated the last ten years to making sure their product maximises conversion around the complex B2B buyer journey.

Dawe has academic and practical experience in B2B marketing and lead generation, automation, data analysis, business growth, technology innovation, and full marketing mix in various sectors. Before Webeo, she held the role of Managing Director of award winning agency Really B2B for 15 years. Dawe is a DMA B2B Council member, regular Superbrands judge, and proud advocate for B2B marketing worldwide. She is also a mother of 3, mentor and coach.

With her extensive knowledge and skills in B2B marketing and website customization, Kirsty is ready to share with listeners the importance of website personalization and how it can help solve conversion problems while increasing business ROI.


Kirsty Dawe, CEO, Webeo