S1 | #2: Better Customer Journey Mapping with Percy Rose, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Today we’re going to talk about why customer journey mapping matters, and how it can improve customer loyalty, and drive other customer and business outcomes.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Percy Rose, Customer Success Strategy Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

About Percy Rose

Percy Rose is a Customer Success Leader at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he is responsible for driving strategic improvements in their multi-billion dollar services portfolio based on insights gained from the voice of the customer. Through outcome engineering and customer journey mapping, Percy helps HPE connect the dots between what the company offers, what customers value most, and the strategic transformation initiatives needed to bridge any gaps. He is an outside-in thinker who believes that delivering value for the customer as well constantly improving the ease of doing business is at the core of increasing customer retention rates.. Percy is a passionate leader who is committed to enabling business outcomes for his customer through HPE products and services.

Prior to joining HPE, Percy worked at Accenture where he gained an expertise leading complex global SAP systems integration programs for Fortune 500 clients. As a seasoned account leader, he has extensive experience working internationally with customers in England, Sweden, France, and Germany. Percy received his BA of Communications and Broadcast Journalism degree from University of Notre Dame in 1997.


Percy Rose, Customer Success Strategy Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise