S1 | 9: Building incentivization that performs with Arnab Mishra, Xactly

New data from Xactly’s 2024 Sales Compensation Report revealed that an alarming 91% of companies do not expect their AEs to meet or exceed quota. What’s more is that despite this lack of confidence, 70% of organizations still rely on spreadsheets for compensation planning, creating revenue forecasts and incentive plans filled with holes.

Today we’re going to talk about sales compensation processes, and the state of incentivization as it stands today.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Arnab Mishra, CEO at Xactly.

About Arnab Mishra

Arnab Mishra is a seasoned software executive and CEO of Xactly Corporation. He has proven capabilities in leading global, cross-functional organizations and has expertise in developing SaaS products into profitable, high-growth market offerings.

With over two decades of leadership experience, Mishra joined Xactly as SVP of products in 2017. He was promoted to Chief Product Officer in 2018 and Chief Operating Officer in 2023. In his roles, he led cross-functional teams dedicated to Xactly’s go-to-market, product, and customer success. Arnab also serves in board and advisor roles for SmartAction and Zingtree and has previously been an executive team member and advisor of three successfully acquired SaaS companies.

He attended The University of Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from The Wharton School and earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.


Arnab Mishra, CEO, Xactly