Headless commerce and the customer experience

Headless architecture, particularly in e-commerce, offers significant benefits in improving customer experience in the world of e-commerce. By decoupling the front end and back end of an e-commerce platform, businesses gain flexibility and differentiation in delivering personalized and optimized experiences to their customers.

The importance of a marketing measurement framework

As businesses become more analytics-driven and consumers continue to move online, marketers need a sound system or framework that will guide their marketing activities. A marketing measurement framework (MMF) is a key tool
that should be used by all businesses looking to keep their marketing
efforts accountable, targeted, and efficient.

S1 | 15: Intrapreneurship and fostering innovation from within, with Shane Pahl

In this episode, Adam Chen interviews Shane Pahl, a consultant by trade and organizational anthropologist by training. We discuss such heady topics as defining what intraprenuership means and how we see that play out in the organizations we have both worked with. Take a listen to glean insights on how organizations can cultivate people and foster innovation from the viewpoint of a hired gun brought in from the outside.