The Composable Roadmap

An Action Plan for Agility in a Modern Digital Marketplace

By Chad Solomonson & Greg Kihlström | 110 Pages | Available in Print or as an Ebook


The competitive pressures to innovate and reduce speed to market, and the rising consumer expectations for reliability and superior customer experience demand that organizations find ways to increase their agility while not sacrificing the need for a mature technology stack.

The Composable Roadmap: An Action Plan for Agility in a Modern Digital Marketplace by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström will explore why creating a technology infrastructure of freely interchangeable components provides organizations with more robust and reliable applications that both internal teams and end customers can benefit from.  The book is written by two thought leaders in the MarTech industry for Marketing Operations leaders looking to bring agility to their enterprise with modern solutions as well as IT & Application leaders seeking to simplify technical debt and to build a sustainable infrastructure.  The book features a foreword by Chris Bach, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Netlify as well as an Executive Board member of the MACH Alliance. 

Rather than simply be an overview of what a composable approach is, the book gives actionable steps and checklists for what organizations can do to build and implement a composable roadmap of their own.


The Composable Roadmap by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström
The Composable Roadmap by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström

About the authors

Chad Solomonson, co-author

Chad Solomonson

As the chief customer officer at RDA, Chad leads the firm’s marketing and business development team as well as our valued partnerships. With over 30 years of experience in B2B strategy, marketing, and sales, he is passionate about engineering simplicity in this complex and evolving digital marketplace. His mission is to deliver account-based programs that build brand awareness, unlock new markets, drive new business, and strengthen RDA’s existing client relationships.

Chad has a proven track record of helping enterprises leverage cloud and SaaS platforms to enhance their customer experience and digital capabilities. He also has extensive experience in developing and managing strategic partnerships with leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Sitecore, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Hubspot. He is currently focused on delivering composable technology strategies and meaningful AI uses cases.

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Greg Kihlström, author, speaker, advisor and consultant on marketing technology and customer experience.
Greg Kihlström, co-author

Greg Kihlström

Greg Kihlström is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, currently an advisor and consultant to top companies on marketing technology, customer experience, and digital transformation initiatives as Principal and Chief Strategist at GK5A. He is also the host of The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast.

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House of the Customer by Greg Kihlström is now available.
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