New Edition of CX Book by Greg Kihlström Discusses How Brands Can Measure and Maintain Their Competitive Advantage

As the primary method of competitive differentiation between most brands today, customer experience is as important as ever to the enterprise. While most companies claim that customers and their needs drive decisions and priority within their organizations, taking action on those priorities and measuring their results remains elusive for many.

Meaningful measurement of the Customer Experience, 2nd edition by Greg Kihlström

There are several reasons for this, and these reasons—and several potential solutions— form the foundation of Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience, Second Edition, the latest book by best-selling author, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Greg Kihlström. The book provides guidance on how to create a customer-centric culture that prioritizes customer needs while aligning internal teams around a common goal. It also provides a framework to create a system of meaningful measurement that can not only improve the customer experience by holistically looking at the customer journey, but provide a sustainable method for analysis and optimization with a more agile approach to continuous improvement. This provides internal teams with the metrics and justification they need to continue improving the customer experience, creates a collaborative, customer-centric culture aligned around common goals, and ultimately benefits the customers, who buy, buy more, buy more often, and tell others about their experiences.  

“In such a fast-moving industry as customer experience, I wanted to revisit some of the key concepts and expand a few ideas from the original edition of the book,” said author Greg Kihlström. “This new edition of the book offers businesses a practical guide to gaining a measurable competitive advantage through enhanced CX.”

Drawing on Kihlström’s experience working with top organizations, as well as dozens of interviews with Fortune 1000 customer experience leaders for this book and his podcast, The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström, the secrets of planning, implementing, analyzing, and improving great customer experience in a sustainable way are demystified and made practical. The book features a foreword by Greg Melia, CAE, the CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). 

Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience, Second Edition is available through most major retailers in print and as an ebook form, soon to be available as an audiobook. Learn more at Greg Kihlström’s website.

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