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The Agile Brand Guide

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Latest Articles

Marketing technology, CX, and Digital Transformation

29: #29 Social Transformation and Brands

First part of a multi-episode discussion of what changed to cause the need for agile brands. Social media, in its broadest sense, has transformed commerce, marketing, media relations, and our relationships with both brands and our colleagues, friends,...
Aug 20, 20191 min read

28: #28 Letting Go in Order to Have Deeper Customer Relationships

Our last episode on the subject of what sets agile brands apart. Agile brands have a two-way relationship with their customers, particularly their best and most loyal ones. What does this mean? Brand development and marketing still belong to the...
Aug 6, 20191 min read

27: #27 Staying Nimble by Always Listening

Continuing our discussion of what sets agile brands apart. “The customer is always right” is a cliché we’ve all heard countless times. It’s vital to listen to our customers so we can understand what they are saying, and why they believe they...
Jul 30, 20191 min read

26: #26 Using Data to Drive Deeper Insights

Many companies got on the “big data” bandwagon early, driving it on a path of growth that IDC predicts will reach in excess of $200 billion by 2020. Many realized that with big data came a lot of tough decisions about which data to look at, and...
Jul 23, 20191 min read

25: #25 Telling Genuine Stories with Your Brand

Continuing our discussion of what sets agile brands apart from others. Today, we're talking about telling genuine stories. Any brand story must be authentic and stay true to your company values. It must also resonate with your customers’ values and...
Jul 16, 20191 min read

24: #24 Open Dialogue with Customers

We all hear about engagement, but what does it really mean? To many digital marketers, it’s a metric to be reported. Consumers rarely view engagement in the same way, or think of it all. In an era where advertising and marketing are so pervasive,...
Jul 9, 20191 min read

23: #23 The Duality of the Agile Brand

While some things need to stay the same in a brand, a truly Agile one needs to evolve over time. There are two ways to look at how an audience changes over the life of a brand. First, you can look at audience shifts in terms of how an audience’s...
Jul 2, 20191 min read

22: #22 Constants and the Agile Brand

Once when I was speaking on the topic of agile marketing at a conference, someone asked a question that should be addressed here: Doesn’t it go against the fundamentals of branding to be so agile, and adapt to change so easily? What about the core...
Jun 25, 20191 min read
House of the Customer by Greg Kihlstrm

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The internationally best-selling series available in print, digital and audio.

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