CEOWorld: Investing in Employees for Improved Customer Experience

This article was originally published on CEOWorld Magazine. The customer
experience (CX) is the grand sum of all interactions between a company and
its customers. It’s the lasting impression that a business leaves on its
patrons, and it’s one of the most important elements when it comes to
creating long-term relationships with customers.

A strategic roadmap is key for your marketing technology infrastructure

As a marketer, understanding the intricacies of your marketing technology
infrastructure is essential to making sure it’s running smoothly and
achieving your desired outcomes. Having a strategic roadmap in place will
help you ensure that all elements are connected and working together
effectively, allowing for greater efficiency, increased ROI from campaigns,
and reduced risk when deploying new initiatives. In this article, read
about how creating a transparent roadmap for your marketing tech stack can
benefit your organization and what steps you should take to build one.

New Guide to AI & Marketing Helps Marketers Successfully Implement Artificial Intelligence

The Agile Brand releases the latest book in its Agile Brand Guides series to educate marketers on the best uses of artificial intelligence in their work. Artificial intelligence, while certainly not new to marketers, is having a moment. Whether through generative AI to create original imagery or text, the automation of repetitive tasks, or determining the propensity of consumers to take action, artificial intelligence is becoming indispensable for leading brands and their marketing teams.