LinkedIn Creation Tools That Help Empower Your Brand Building

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is no small feat. But with over a billion users, the platform offers immense opportunities in front of a targeted audience. Yet many individuals aiming to establish their personal brand on LinkedIn often encounter various pain points that can delay their strategy. Fortunately, there are innovative tools designed to recognize these pain points and provide the necessary support to help you elevate your brand with ease.

Creating a personal brand on LinkedIn involves much more than just setting up a profile. It requires a strategic approach, creativity, and consistent effort. This strategic and committed approach is essential to avoid the common struggles many face.

Here are some of the most common pain points faced by those looking to build their personal brand on LinkedIn:

  • Starting a Post: Crafting the perfect opening for a LinkedIn post can be daunting. The initial hook needs to grab attention and encourage engagement, yet many struggle with finding the right words to start their posts.
  • Content Creation: Consistently creating high-quality content that resonates with your LinkedIn audience is challenging. This task can be time-consuming and creatively draining. Crafting content that not only reflects your brand values but also engages your audience requires significant effort and skill.
  • Audience Engagement: Engaging with your audience on LinkedIn requires a strategic approach, consistent and meaningful interaction, and timely responses. Many individuals overlook this important facet, not realizing authentic engagement is a significant part of the LinkedIn purpose and lack of engagement impedes meaningful impact and growth.
  • Consistent Posting: Maintaining a regular posting schedule on LinkedIn is crucial for visibility and engagement. However, many people find it difficult to consistently produce and share content because there are not enough hours in the day and their idea bucket dries up quickly.
  • Content Review and Feedback: Receiving constructive feedback on your content is essential for growth. However, finding reliable sources for review and critique can be difficult and often leads to stagnation. Without constructive feedback, it can be hard to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.
  • Staying Relevant: The digital landscape is ever evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and techniques is critical. Those looking to build a presence on LinkedIn may find it challenging to stay updated and relevant in their niche. The pressure to continuously innovate and adapt can be overwhelming.
  • Understanding the Algorithm: LinkedIn’s algorithm determines the visibility and reach of your posts. Understanding how the algorithm works can be complex, and many users struggle to optimize their content for maximum impact. This can result in lower engagement and less visibility.

How Third-Party Tools Recognize and Address These Pain Points

LinkedIn has several new and inherent AI features to help with content creation, profile development, and recruiting, but most are still only available to premium users. They include AI-Assisted Job Search, AI-Powered Profile Optimization, AI-Generated Recruiter Messages, AI-Assisted Job Description, and AI-Powered Content Suggestions which analyzes posts, articles, and conversations in a user’s feed and suggests relevant content, insights, and potential actions based on their interests and goals.

On my podcast series, Brand the Change, we focus on showing you how you can develop your personal brand to support your professional career. And as most users may need more content-related assistance, here are a few third-party tools to consider that may help you on your journey to start to grow a personal brand:

  • AuthoredUp: This tool allows creators to format text, insert multimedia like GIFs and images, and utilize over 350 customizable templates and text snippets for crafting compelling content efficiently.
  • Dall-E 3: This tool is a generative AI technology developed by the Open AI vendor that enables users to create new images with text to graphics prompts. 
  • Canva: A design tool that enables creators to easily create visually appealing graphics, infographics, presentations, and other visual assets for their LinkedIn content.

These third-party tools empower LinkedIn creators with advanced content creation capabilities, visual enhancement tools, influencer identification, and audience analysis features to elevate their presence and engagement on the platform.

I recently had the chance to interview Ivana Todorovic, co-founder of AuthoredUp. By leveraging advanced technology and AI, AuthoredUp was developed specifically to simplify the process and enhance brand development.

 “Our AI-powered tools are designed to take the guesswork out of content creation,” said Todovoric. “We provide users with the resources they need to produce engaging content effortlessly.”

AuthoredUp uses AI to assist in generating content. It provides templates, suggestions, and ideas, with the goal of making it easier to develop creative, relevant posts. The AI-driven approach also aims to align your content with your brand’s voice resonates with your audience. The tool offers hook suggestions and engagement strategies tailored to your audience and provides content review to provide suggestions for improvement to support maximal impact. Understanding the algorithm is key to maximizing your impact on LinkedIn, and the tool offers the necessary insights to help you navigate and leverage the platform effectively.

In a world where personal branding on LinkedIn is becoming essential, leveraging the right approach and figuring out how to streamline and scale your content confidently tools can make all the difference. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of AI and innovative tools will play an increasingly critical role in personal brand building, enabling more people to create impactful, resonant brands that can thrive in the dynamic digital environment.

Posted by Bonnie Habyan

Bonnie Habyan is a marketer, author, speaker, and content creator. She is a brand specialist and during her career has worked with CEOs and private and public companies across many industriesto develop differentiating strategies to elevate and position businesses for success. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at X-Caliber, a nationally recognized commercial real estate financial services company. Along with her expertise, she brings enormous passion and energy to every challenge and opportunity. She loves what she does, and it shows.