House of the Customer (2023)

House of the Customer provides a blueprint for the 1:1, customer-first, employee-driven brand of the future.

Between consumer demands for more personalized and greater data privacy and competitive pressures to provide better omnichannel customer experiences, brands are faced with a dilemma: build a foundation for the future of customer relationships or lose relevancy in a crowded marketplace.

Doing this, however, is not without its challenges. While many enterprises a engaging in digital transformations in order to modernize and anticipate future changes, these efforts are often fraught with challenges, and many fail to deliver the results promised.

The way to do this forms the foundation of House of the Customer. In this best-selling book from author Greg Kihlström, readers are guided through the elements of a 1:1, customer-first, employee-driven enterprise that includes seven key elements, why they are important, and how to implement them. These seven elements are explained in terms of building your brand as a “house” for your customers and aligning, people, processes, and platforms in a customer-centric manner driven by strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) and measured by tangible business outcomes.

Drawing on Kihlström’s experience working with top organizations, as well as dozens of interviews with Fortune 500 customer experience leaders and industry-leading platform marketing technology executives and thought leaders for this book and his podcast, The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström, the blueprint to achieve a customer-centric, sustainable platform for growth is made tangible.

House of the Customer is Kihlström’s eleventh book, following Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience (2022), The Center of Experience (2020), and his Agile series, which includes The Agile Brand (2018), The Agile Consumer (2019), and The Agile Workforce (2021). The House of the Customer will be available in January of 2023 in print and as an ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an ebook from Apple Books.

Praise for House of the Customer

“Greg Kihlström knows of what he speaks, and to who he speaks. That much is fully evident.”

Garth Thomas
Hollywood Digest

“A blueprint to design best practices, strategies, and techniques to move from deep listening to deep understanding, from powerful statistics to powerful stories.  Better metrics and better results are within reach thanks to Greg’s craftsmanship.”

Karen Mangia
WSJ Best Selling Author & Salesforce Executive

“Greg does a fabulous job of simplifying an array of customer-centric ideas which serve as a blueprint for those just getting started or those looking to continuously improve their businesses position and market-share.”

Adam Chen
Chief Marketing Officer
The Amenity Collective

“This book is a must read. From the foundation (Company Culture) to the Roof and all the pillars in between, Greg does a fantastic job laying out the vital components in delivering the best customer experiences.”

Sara Taheri
Vice President and Chief Product Owner of Contact Center Transformation and Robotics at Prudential Financial, Inc.

“House of the Customer is one of those rare books that not only offers frameworks and philosophies – it is one of those practitioner / operator field manuals that enables practical advice to make progress to grow and scale businesses for those who put customers first. If you want to accelerate and really make a dent in your mission as a customer centered leader, this is required reading. Plus it’s fun, easy, practical and immediately delivers.”

Carlos Manalo
Founder, The Office of Experience

“Greg’s latest book, House of the Customer, takes the metaphor of building a house to provide a fascinating look at how to combine people, process and technology together in a way that drives customer experiences across the board. Combining extensive research and data, Greg shows how to approach the new age of digital engagement across all channels to create a competitive advantage.”

Brian Browning
Vice President, Technology, Kin + Carta

“This book is one the best new takes on what brands need to do to innovate through these new environments. Everyone in an organizatino should read it .“

Matt Lange
VP Partnerships, Dumpling House Media

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