The Composable Roadmap

An Action Plan for Agility in a Modern Digital Marketplace

The best-seller by Chad Solomonson & Greg Kihlström | 110 Pages | Available in Print or as an Ebook


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, The Composable Roadmap by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström emerges as a beacon for organizations striving to navigate the complexities of modern technology architectures. This isn’t just a book; it’s a manifesto for change, a blueprint for building a future where flexibility and agility are at the heart of business operations.

Solomonson and Kihlström dissect the concept of composable systems—where businesses can swiftly adapt and reconfigure their digital assets to meet changing demands without being bogged down by legacy constraints. The beauty of this book lies in its clarity and practicality.

What sets this guide apart is its profound understanding of the intersection between marketing and IT. It’s written for the brave souls at this crossroads—the ‘bridge builders’ tasked with aligning seemingly disparate worlds to achieve a common goal. The authors provide a toolkit complete with strategies, from foundational to advanced, pushing the reader to think beyond traditional frameworks towards a more dynamic, interconnected approach.

The inclusion of real-world examples, expert insights, and actionable workshops ensures that the theoretical is always tied to the practical, making it accessible to professionals across the spectrum. However, it’s the book’s relentless focus on the ‘North Star’—that guiding vision every company needs to steer by—that truly encapsulates its essence.

The Composable Roadmap isn’t just a read; it’s a journey. It challenges you to rethink how you view your organizational capabilities and equips you with the foresight to build not just for today, but for a future that is perpetually just around the corner. For anyone serious about making agility a core competency of their organization, this book is your starting point.


The Composable Roadmap by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström

The Composable Roadmap by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström

About the authors

Chad Solomonson, co-author

Chad Solomonson

Chad has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience at the intersection of marketing and technology. He is passionate about engineering simplicity in our complex and evolving digital marketplace. He has a proven track record of developing go-to-market strategies and programs that build brand awareness, open new markets, launch new products, and strengthen existing client relationships.

Currently, he is the Chief Customer Officer at RDA. He is responsible for developing the firm’s strategy, client engagements, and strategic partners. He is focused on the digital consultancy’s mission to build solutions that really make a difference through clear, actionable roadmaps so clients know how to act, where to grow, and how to best compete and lead.

Before joining RDA, Chad founded two successful technology startups and held executive marketing, sales, and channel roles at Microsoft, Oracle (Opower), Duke Energy, and Lime Energy. 

He often speaks and shares insights on delivering agile roadmaps and emerging AI use cases. He is a 2024 Storyblok Ambassador, Sitecore Ambassador MVP, ADDY Award winner, and Microsoft Partner of the Year winner. He is also a contributing author to one of the best-selling Microsoft books on Portal Collaboration.

Chad also advises brands that are focused on making a positive impact on social or environmental issues, balancing profit with purpose.

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Greg Kihlström, author, speaker, advisor and consultant on marketing technology and customer experience.
Greg Kihlström, co-author

Greg Kihlström

Greg Kihlström is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, currently an advisor and consultant to top companies on marketing technology, customer experience, and digital transformation initiatives. He is also the host of The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast.

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