S1 | 11: Intrapreneurship and global growth with Alex Ghiculescu and Beau Grzanich, Workforce.com

In this episode, Adam Chen interviews two change agents at Workforce.com, a leading workforce management software which manages scheduling, time & attendance, and payroll for organizations large and small. We hear two differing perspectives on what intraprenuership means at Workforce.com and how innovation is fostered and has evolved since the company’s inception. Check out this new episode featuring insights from the co-founder as well as an intraprenuer who helps carry the baton forward as the company continues to grow its global operations.


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In this episode, the hosts delve into the significance of understanding your team’s passions and career aspirations. They stress that by gaining this understanding, you can effectively harness their skills and interests to benefit your business. The hosts advocate for embracing your team’s interests and granting them autonomy to explore those areas, as long as it aligns with your business objectives. They firmly believe that by doing so, your team can bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table that may have been overlooked. This mindset of allowing your team to pursue their interests and achieve success is described as contagious, as it can inspire others in different teams to do the same. The hosts also highlight that once this culture of understanding and supporting individual interests is established, it becomes an ongoing process that fosters continuous growth and innovation within the organization.

In this episode, the speakers emphasize the importance of granting autonomy to team members to explore their interests. They emphasize that understanding what your team cares about and their career aspirations is crucial. By embracing their interests and providing them with the freedom to explore, team members can bring new and innovative perspectives to the table. The speakers believe that this mindset is contagious and can inspire others in different teams to follow suit. They stress that once the momentum starts, it doesn’t stop, indicating that encouraging autonomy and exploration can significantly impact the organization’s culture. However, they also mention that the autonomy should align with the business to a reasonable extent, suggesting a balance between individual interests and organizational goals. Overall, the episode highlights the benefits of granting autonomy to team members to explore their interests, as long as it aligns with the business, as it can lead to new and innovative perspectives.

In this episode, the guests discuss the importance of fostering an intrapreneurial culture within an organization. They explain that this type of culture can be contagious and inspire others to adopt a similar mindset. They emphasize the need for autonomy and trust within the organization, allowing individuals to explore their interests and drive innovation. By granting employees the freedom to pursue their passions and take risks, the organization can benefit from fresh perspectives and ideas. The guests also mention that as individuals find success within this entrepreneurial culture, others in different teams will likely be motivated to follow suit. This suggests that the intrapreneurial culture can spread throughout the organization, creating a positive and innovative environment. Overall, the episode highlights the significance of cultivating a culture that encourages intrapreneurial thinking and provides opportunities for individuals to pursue their interests and contribute to the organization’s success.

Intrapreneurship and global growth with Alex Ghiculescu and Beau Grzanich, Workforce.com