439: #439: Success in a first-party data world with Derek Slager, Amperity

Today we’re going to talk about first-party data strategies and how to be successful in a world of cookie deprecation, evolving data privacy regulations, the evolution of data clean rooms, and retail media networks.

To help me discuss these topics, I’d like to welcome Derek Slager, CTO & Co-Founder at Amperity.


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In this episode, the speaker emphasizes the value of taking action and implementing real use cases. They highlight the tendency for people to get lost in the abstract and stress the importance of focusing on the details and putting ideas into practice. By engaging in real use cases and collaborating with others, individuals can gain valuable insights and learn from both laggards and leaders. The speaker also emphasizes that progress should not be hindered by the pursuit of perfection, and encourages listeners to go out and apply real use cases. They mention that customers who have done so have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of results they achieved. Overall, the episode underscores the significance of taking action and implementing real use cases to drive learning and improvement.

In addition, the speaker discusses the crucial role of better data in achieving better results across various marketing technology use cases. They explain that at Amparity, everything is viewed through the lens of better data leading to better outcomes. This principle applies not only to traditional MarTech use cases, but also to upcoming changes in ad tech, data clean rooms, and retail media. The speaker suggests that better data is essential for achieving improved outcomes in these areas.

Furthermore, the guest on the show, Derek Slager, the CTO and co-founder of Amperity, shares his experience working with customers who have focused on leveraging their first-party data. He highlights that despite the diminishing availability of third-party data, the quality of first-party data often yields surprising results. The increase in data quality compensates for the loss of broad signal from third-party data. This supports the notion that better data, particularly high-quality first-party data, can lead to better outcomes and results in marketing technology use cases.

The episode also delves into the importance of first-party data in the context of privacy changes and the decreasing availability of third-party data. The speaker emphasizes the need for brands to be proactive in organizing and collecting their own first-party data, as it will be their leverage point in a new world where third-party data is becoming more expensive and less accessible.

To address this challenge, the speaker suggests that brands should prioritize developing a true first-party data strategy. However, they acknowledge that many brands struggle with determining the next steps after establishing such a strategy.

One effective way to leverage first-party data is through the use of data clean rooms. These clean rooms enable brands to combine their own first-party data with someone else’s first-party data in a manner that respects privacy and consent. By utilizing data clean rooms, brands can tap into broader opportunities that arise from accessing and analyzing additional first-party data.

Overall, the episode emphasizes that brands can overcome the challenges of losing third-party data by investing in and maximizing the value of their first-party data. By doing so, they can maintain effective targeting and measurement capabilities while adapting to the changing privacy landscape.

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