515: #515: Predictive analytics and a first-party data strategy with Alan Gilleo, Leap Group

Anyone listening to this show has heard us talk quite a bit about AI’s impact on marketing and the customer experience. We’ve covered a pretty broad cross section of approaches, but as you’ve likely heard on this show and in many of the other places you get information, it seems like generative AI is getting a lot of the attention these days.

While our discussion will likely touch on Gen AI, today we’re going to focus more on predictive analytics and predictive modeling, another area of AI that is just as powerful (if not moreso in some cases) as the other types of artificial intelligence tools available. And specifically, we’re going to talk about using predictive analytics to better succeed in a first-party data world.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Alan Gilleo, CMO at Leap Group.


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