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As of Friday, January 26th, 2024, here are some top news stories marketing technology professionals should be aware of:

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  • MarTech Industry and AI: Expert Analysis and Predictions: This article discusses how AI is transforming the martech landscape, from data analysis and automation to personalization and optimization. Read it for insights from industry experts on the future of AI in marketing technology.Link:
  • Top 7 Marketing Technology (MarTech) Trends to Watch in 2023: This piece highlights key trends like large language models (LLMs) for data insights, AI-powered campaign optimization, and the increasing importance of human-machine collaboration in marketing.Link:
  • This week in AI-powered martech releases: Although a few weeks old, this article showcases examples of new AI-powered martech tools like Yahoo Blueprint for campaign optimization and Sprinklr’s Conversational AI+ for building human-like chatbots. It provides a glimpse into the evolving landscape of AI integration in martech.Link:

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