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This article was based on the interview with Emily Cassell of Arlington Convention and Visitors Service (ACVS) by Greg Kihlström for The Innovation Economy podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

Arlington County, located in Virginia, is actively promoting tourism growth through its new branding campaign called “All in Arlington.” Emily Cassell, the Director of Marketing for Arlington Convention and Visitors Service (ACVS), discussed the county’s efforts to attract leisure and business travelers and position Arlington as a top destination on a recent episode of The Innovation Economy podcast.

All in Arlington

While hotel occupancy rates have not yet reached the record-setting levels of 2019, the rates and revenues have surpassed those levels. The goal is to increase hotel occupancy by targeting new leisure travelers, meetings and groups, and business nomads who can work remotely from any city. Cassell sees a real opportunity in attracting business travelers who can settle in Arlington for days or weeks and experience the community.

ACVS works closely with Arlington County and local businesses to support business travelers. The aim is to make Arlington more than just a convenient and affordable place to stay. The goal is for Arlington to be the preferred choice for business travelers, offering walkable neighborhoods, beautiful surroundings, vibrant nightlife, and a range of exciting experiences. ACVS wants business travelers to feel that Arlington is the optimal place to work and have fun.

One of Arlington’s key advantages is its proximity to Washington D.C. The county is connected to downtown and the National Mall by five bridges, making it easily accessible. Additionally, Arlington’s neighborhoods are well-connected by the Metro, allowing travelers to explore the region or travel to Reagan National Airport or Dulles Airport.

To promote the new branding, ACVS is running major media campaigns through June of next year. These campaigns utilize a broader array of media channels than ever before, including paid search, search engine optimization, streaming channels, out-of-home posters, and transit presence. The goal is to increase website traffic, social engagement, and bookings.

ACVS is also implementing a public relations strategy to engage journalists and influencers with unique Arlington stories and experiences. The aim is to energize these individuals and showcase Arlington’s diversity, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. Arlington is a leader in these areas nationally, and ACVS wants to communicate these assets through the lens of tourism.

Arlington’s new brand, “All in Arlington,” has the potential to boost business engagement and drive economic growth. The comprehensive approach to branding, with the support of a marketing firm experienced in destination marketing, has resulted in a vibrant and engaging brand that reflects the energy and diversity of Arlington. The positive feedback and proactive engagement from businesses and organizations indicate the brand’s resonance and appeal. By leveraging the new brand across various channels and utilizing the assets gained through photography and video shoots, Arlington aims to attract visitors, generate revenue, and foster a sense of community pride.

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