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Building a culture of continuous improvement

This article was based on the interview with Niikhil Nandogopal, Chief Product Officer at Appsmith by Greg Kihlström for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

Highly competitive markets and fast-changing times require building a culture of questioning and automation within organizations.

On the podcast, Nikhil discusses the need for teams to constantly question the way things are done and seek opportunities for automation. This culture of questioning encourages employees to critically evaluate processes and identify areas that can be automated for increased efficiency.

However, Nikhil also acknowledges that not every task is worth automating. Sometimes, the time and effort required to automate a process may outweigh the benefits. It is essential to prioritize and determine whether automation is the best solution for a particular task. This requires a systemic approach to problem-solving, rather than relying on quick fixes or patches.

The podcast emphasizes the importance of regularly having conversations about process improvement within the organization and its positive impact on the employee experience. By fostering a culture of questioning, teams can challenge the status quo and explore innovative solutions. This mindset encourages employees to think beyond the immediate task at hand and consider the long-term implications of their work.

Automation is presented as a key tool for process improvement. The transcript mentions AppSmith, a company that helps organizations create internal tools for various purposes. These tools can replace spreadsheets, provide better visualization and access controls, improve data consistency, and integrate multiple data sources. By utilizing internal tools like AppSmith, organizations can streamline their processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance productivity.

The podcast also highlights the challenges faced by organizations in integrating various point solutions. Large organizations often rely on multiple software tools for different tasks, and these tools may not be compatible with each other. Internal tools like Apps Script can bridge this gap by allowing teams to interact with multiple data sources and perform read-write operations seamlessly.

The interview emphasizes the importance of building a culture of questioning and automation within organizations. By constantly evaluating processes and seeking opportunities for automation, companies can drive continuous improvement. Investing in internal tools and process efficiency can enhance productivity, reduce errors, and foster a culture of innovation. This culture of questioning and automation is crucial for organizations to stay competitive, adapt to changing market dynamics, and achieve sustainable growth.

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