Intrapreneurs drive innovation in organizations

This article was based on the interview with Rachel Druckenmiller by Adam Chen for The Innovation Economy podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

Intrapreneurs drive innovation in organizations by taking on the role of change agents and driving new ideas and initiatives within the company. While entrepreneurs are often praised for creating new businesses and ideas, it is often the intrapreneurs who work within organizations that are responsible for bringing innovation to life.

In the podcast transcript, the host introduces the Innovation Economy Intrapreneurs Series, which aims to share stories and insights from leaders within organizations who have had the courage to create new ways to move business forward. The guest on the show, Rachel Druckenmiller, is introduced as someone with a fascinating journey and a message that has stayed with the host for years.

Rachel shares her background, mentioning that both her parents are entrepreneurs, which influenced her mindset and approach to work. She developed an interest in psychology and health, which led her to become a wellness coordinator at a benefits consulting firm. In this role, she took on the responsibility of creating a position that didn’t exist before, combining her interests in health and psychology. Rachel faced challenges in proving her value and had to find ways to show her worth beyond her defined role.

After 13 years in her corporate job, Rachel decided to pursue her passion for speaking and started her own business called Unmuted. The mission of Unmuted is to help individuals overcome self-silencing and show up authentically in all areas of their lives. Rachel believes that fear, doubt, rejection, and other people’s opinions often hold us back from fully expressing ourselves. Through her speaking engagements and other services, she aims to empower individuals to break free from these limitations and find their voice.

The concept of intrapreneurship is evident in Rachel’s journey. She took ownership of her role as a wellness coordinator and created something new within her organization. This entrepreneurial mindset and drive for innovation led her to start her own business, where she continues to make a difference by helping others unleash their true potential.

Intrapreneurs play a crucial role in driving innovation within organizations. They have the courage to challenge the status quo, create new opportunities, and bring fresh ideas to life. By embracing their entrepreneurial spirit, intrapreneurs like Rachel Druckenmiller contribute to the growth and success of their organizations while inspiring others to do the same.

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