Introducing Brand the Change with Bonnie Habyan

S1 | 6: How intrapreneurs shape their own brand and the brand of their organization with guest Adam Chen

In this episode, we dig into the definition of an intrapreneur, the skillsets that make the role critical to companies, and their future in supporting business success with their innovative mindset.


In the episode, Adam Chen from Amenity Collective emphasizes the importance of maintaining an open mind and seizing opportunities for career growth. They express their disbelief in having a clear vision for their entire career and sticking to that path. Instead, they encourage listeners to cultivate a breadth of skills and actively seek out new experiences and projects that expand their skill set. This suggests that being receptive to new opportunities and continuously learning and growing is vital for career development.

Chen also discusses the concept of fear and opportunity costs. They mention that many individuals fear losing their current job or staying under the radar, but they argue that this mindset is misguided. Instead of fixating on the fear of unemployment, individuals should consider the potential opportunities that could arise if they were to leave their current position. This highlights the importance of embracing new possibilities and not being afraid to take risks in order to advance in one’s career.

Furthermore, the speaker emphasizes the significance of nurturing relationships. They share their personal experience of initially valuing their own creations and underestimating the importance of teamwork. However, they eventually realized that success is not solely about individual achievements but also about what can be accomplished as a team. This underscores the importance of building strong relationships and collaborating with others to achieve career success.

Overall, the episode suggests that fear and a narrow focus on opportunity costs can hinder career progression. By keeping an open mind, seeking out new experiences, reframing the idea of opportunity costs, and fostering relationships, individuals can overcome these obstacles and achieve growth and success in their careers.

About Adam Chen

Throughout his career, he has focused on absorbing information from a variety of roles spanning business strategy, business development, technology, and communications in a variety of industries ranging from Government Contracting, Finance, Advertising, Hospitality, and Professional Services to innovate and drive transformational improvements within the organizations he has been humbled to be a part of. In his most recent venture, he is now offering his breadth of experience through select consultation partnerships where the fit is right.

Adam has held many senior roles such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Experience Officer, and Senior Digital Strategist.


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