Exponential Growth of Content


The concept that, as multi-channel marketing and communication grow towards omnichannel, the content requirements to provide variations for each channel causes the content creation workload to increase drastically.

From House of the Customer (2023):

It probably goes without saying, but creating the number of variations required for personalized content simply takes more time and effort in most cases (Figure 3.1.2). Think about it. If you are usually creating only one or two variations (if you are currently doing A/B testing, for instance), when you start personalizing by even a small group of segments (4-5, for instance), you are going to increase the time spent considerably.

Figure 3.1.2 Exponential Growth of Content
Figure 3.1.2 Exponential Growth of Content

If you continue to do A/B testing, you’ll go from 2 variations to 8-10 in that scenario. Even with automated methods of generating content variations, more effort will still be required. Now, consider an organization that needs content in more than one language. This means that each of your A and B tests now need at least two variations, one for each language. If you are a fully global organization the country-language combinations can exceed 40.

This is time for content writers, graphic designers, the data team that needs to identify the proper audience segments, and the marketing team that needs to set up additional tests and variations (if not others within your organization).