User Engagement


User engagement is often used in conjunction with a website, mobile app, or web-based application. It is generally meant to measure how active a user, or group of users, are with a specific website or application.

While it can be defined in many ways, there are two recommended approaches:

  1. Total user engagement:
    1. This is calculated by the total number of users who interact with the application, divided by the total number of users (or in some cases the total monthly active users)
  2. Individual user engagement:
    1. Once you understand overall user engagement, you can then calculate individual user engagement by dividing individual user engagement by Total user engagement

One problematic piece in defining engagement is to define what, exactly we mean by engagement. Is it a view (impression), click, conversion, or all of the above. This can vary by instance, as there is no one right answer.

There are, of course, many other ways to calculate user engagement, and this can also be applied to channels outside of those previously mentioned, such as social media (where follows, likes, and shares can count as engagement).