Customer-First, Employee-Driven


Concept defined in House of the Customer (2023)

When you are able to achieve both customer-first and employee-driven approach and tie them together, the real magic starts to happen. As I’ve said before to my consulting clients, when customer experience is done well, it is both the motivation for employees to do great work, and customer satisfaction and loyalty is the reward for a job well done. Sure enough, the customer benefits from this greatly, as do other stakeholders.

A customer-first, employee-driven organization benefits from several important factors. First, happier employees create happier customers who buy more, buy more often, and refer others. Second, motivated employees are more likely to innovate in their approaches and to anticipate customers’ needs. Finally, the discretionary effort, or that “above and beyond” mentality that a great employee is willing to give translates into customers that become loyal to a brand, and can ultimately be brand ambassadors themselves.




Book: House of the Customer (2023)