Increment (Scrum Element)


The increment is how we refer to the current version or portion of the set of work we are performing. In software engineering, it is the current version of the product under development, though in a marketing context, it could be a phase of a campaign, or a version of a measurement initiative. The increment includes all of the work previously completed, as well as the items within the Sprint backlog that the team is currently working on.

Marketing teams may struggle with this item because often you can’t deliver part of one of your deliverables. For instance, if your goal is to deliver a white paper, it is not desirable to release half of the white paper. Instead, the Increment would need to include the entire white paper.

That said, a move to a more iterative process in which campaigns or other initiatives can roll out incrementally can lead to better outcomes because your learnings from initial tests can be fed back into subsequent iterations and components.

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