Environment (Component of the Center of Experience)


In the Center of Experience, environment consists of the “places” aspect of experience.  This includes both physical and virtual spaces where employees interact, as well as where customers interact with a brand:

Environment in the Center of Experience

Sometimes when we think of work environment, we might only consider the immediate workspaces of employees. Patagonia understands its employees’ greater needs as well. They provide on-site childcare, which while expensive to the company, helps them retain great employees, including the 70 percent of woman in upper management.

They also famously allow employees to set their work schedule in order to allow them to surf at the best times.  “We have a policy that when the surf comes up, you drop work and you go surfing,” says Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia[i].

In addition to the physical and virtual ones, this is clearly an overall work environment based on understanding that hiring the right employees and trusting them to do the right thing goes a long way toward the success of the company.

[i] Clifford, Catherine. “The Founder of Patagonia Fishes Half the Year and Tells His Employees to Go Surfing.” CNBC. December 2016.