Customer Effort Score (CES)


Customer effort score (CES) measures the amount of effort that a customer use in order to interact with your business. The measurement can be used to measure the sales process, customer service, or the effort it takes to use a product or service.

Customer effort score is generally gathered through a survey tool (similar to Net Promoter Score or Customer Satisfaction), though the question asked is centered around ease of use.

For instance:

  • To what extend to do you agree or disagree with this statement:
    Acme Inc. made it easy to solve my issue
    1 (Strongly disagree) 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Strongly agree)

In which a customer would choose a number from 1-7 that mirrors their sentiment.

It is believe that CES grew in popularity in 2010 after a popular Harvard Business Review article discussed it at length.