Data Clean Room


While CDPs and CRMs are almost always used by a single brand (or at least the owner of a collection of brands), there is an additional type of platform to consider augmenting these, and to potentially replace a DMP which would only be relying on 3rd party data. The data clean room is a secure digital environment where several parties can allow their first-party data to be combined and matched to generate better insights from campaigns and audiences.

This allows the parties involved to collaborate on these efforts without exposing the individuals that the data originates from being exposed to other third parties. This, in theory, preserves consumers’ privacy, as well as the interests of the brands that are sharing their data to the clean room.

Not only is this a viable option for many, in a 2021 Forrester Consulting survey, nearly one-third of global ad tech investment decision makers at brands and agencies indicated that they either already use, or plan to use data clean rooms or similar tools with their first-party audiences[i].

[i] Forrester Consulting and Google. [need reference]. August 2021.




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