Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO)


Customer journey orchestration is an approach used by customer-centric enterprises to improve journey outcomes in real-time by taking the most relevant interactions in the context of each customer’s goals and their overall experience.[1]

Customer Journey Orchestration platforms enable marketers to utilize multi-channel or omnichannel marketing techniques.

The Components of a Customer Journey Orchestration Platform

Components of Customer Journey Orchestration

There are three primary categories of components for any CJO platform, which we’ll explore more below:

  • Customer journey mapping
    • To have a journey, we need a map of how we will get our customers to their destinations. Thus, customer journey mapping is a key component of any customer journey orchestration platform. There can be a range of functionality, however that a CJO platform delivers in this regard.
  • Customer journey orchestration
    • A large portion of the functionality of a CJO platform and is most likely the reason you are considering buying journey orchestration in the first place. While mapping and analytics are important, if you don’t have the features below in your arsenal, you will not be able to orchestrate any journeys.
  • Customer journey analytics
    • Depending on the customer journey orchestration platform you invest in, the analytics may vary from robust to lacking.



Book: The Agile Brand Guide to Customer Journey Orchestration (2022) by Greg Kihlström